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Krishna Kumar Das, Sudeepa Rout, Santosh Kumar Behera* and Yagyan Prasad Nath Sharma


Human autoimmune diseases (AD) occur frequently (affecting in aggregate more than 5% of the population worldwide), and impose a significant burden of morbidity and mortality on the human population. Psoriasis being one of those typeis a chronic condition characterized by sharply demarcated skin lesions and increased risk of arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Lesion development is associated with excessive keratinocyte (KC) proliferation, altered KC differentiation, and an inflammatory infiltrate that includes innate and adaptive immune cells (e.g., neutrophils and T-cells).Psoriatic arthritis is a form of arthritis (joint inflammation) that can occur in people who have the skin disease psoriasis. Psoriasis is a common condition characterized by scaly red and white skin patches. Psoriatic arthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the spine. In this study an attempt was made to study the find the key hub gene associated with Psoriasis Arthritis and how these genes interact among themselves along with their important gene ontology. Further step was taken to generate 3D structures of the gene products whose structure is not available in Protein Data bank and study the interaction of these genes along with different drug molecule for the treatment of the same. The Drug association analysis of Web Gestalt has reported 17 drugs interacted with 33 genes or its corresponding proteins out of which docking was performed for 17 drugs and 33 potential targets as they are found to be key regulators in PsA disease. The molecular docking studies have reported the drug-target interactions of teicoplanin was -12.12 Kcal/mol, cyclosparine was -13.86 Kcal/Mol, hyaluronan was -9.69 Kcal/Mol, sulfasalazine Interaction of dinoprostone with VEGFA has the highest docking scores of -13.86 Kcal/mol with energy minimization. Interaction of cyclosparine with IL10 has the lowest docking scores of -2.85 Kcal/mol with energy minimization. From this report it is clear that PsA differs from person to person based on their genes and genetic interactions and expressions which recommend the clinicians to go for personalized medicine rather that generalized medicine for the patients with PsA. These gene product and drug may act as potential future target for the treatment of Psoriasis arthritis.

Keywords: Autoimmune diseases; keratinocyte; Psoriasis arthritis; Protein Data bank.

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