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Madhvi Sharma*, Prashant Bedarkar and B. J. Patgiri


Kupipakwa Rasayana is among unique Ayurvedic dosage forms prepared by Kupi Paka method (specific pharmaceutical heat treatment in glass bottle through sand bath). Sameera Pannaga Rasa is a Kupipakwa Rasayana containing Shuddha (processed) Parada (Hg), Shuddha Gandhaka (S), Shuddha Somala (As2O3), Shuddha Haratala (As2S3) and Shuddha Manahshila (As2S2) in equal quantity. Ingredient Manahshila is absent in formulation mentioned in ancient text; Rasa Chandamshu which was later added by author of recent principally compilation text; Ayurvediya Aaushadhi Guna Dharma Shastra which is also mentioned in Ayurvedic Formulary of India. Sameera Pannaga Rasa is extensively used and effective in the management of Tamaka Shwasa (bronchial asthma). In view of critical issues in the preparation of Sameera Pannaga Rasa, present study was conducted to develop its standard operating procedure (SOP), as till date it is lacking. Kajjali was prepared with Shuddha Parada, Shuddha Gandhaka, Shuddha Haratala, Shuddha Somala & Shuddha Manahshila in equal quantity. Kancha Kupi (mud smeared glass bottle) was filled with Kajjali up to 2/3rd part and Sameera Pannaga Rasa was prepared as per standard procedure. Standard temperature conditions and necessary precautions were followed during the preparation. Talastha (bottom of bottle) greenish black and Kanthastha (neck of bottle) silvery shine coloured Sameera Pannaga Rasa was obtained. Total yield of Sameera Pannaga Rasa (combined products Talastha and Kanthastha) was 83.5%, 78% and 80.55% respectively from each batch of 200g of Kajjali. Total 37:35hrs. of active heating with maximum temperature of 5200C in graded manner through VEMF (Vertical electric muffle furnace) were needed to obtain desired product. The present method can be considered as standard operating procedure (SOP) for preparation of Sameera Pannaga Rasa in VEMF for 200g batch.

Keywords: Arsenic, Kanthastha, Kupipkwa Rasayana, Mercury, Orpiment, Realgar, Sameera Pannaga Rasa, Talastha, VEMF (Vertical electric muffle furnace).

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