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*Vd. Jyotsna Bagul (Sawant Sawant) and Vd. Raman Raman Ghungralekar


Post herpatic neuralgia (PHN) is nerve pain Which occurs due to a peripheral nerve caused by the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus (herpes zoster also known as shingles). Typically the nerve pain (neuralgia) is confined to the area of the skin interested by a single sensory nerve which is known as dermatome. PHN is defined as dermatome nerve pain that persist for more than 90 days after an outbreak of herpes zoster affecting the same dermatome. Multiple type of pain may occure with PHN include continuous burning pain, episodes of severe shooting or electric like pain, and heighten sensitivity to gentle touch which would not otherwise cause pain (mechanical allodynia) or to painful stimuli (hyperalgesia). Abnormal sensations and itching may also occurs. Risk factor for herpes zoster include age, poor immune system and patient receiving biologic agent (tumour necrosis factor inhibitors). The administration of best antiviral drugs or steroids or NSAID does temporary suppression of pain without much relief in Burning sensation. Due to low immunity chances of further complication like post herpetic neuralgia are there. Sighs and symptoms of herpes zoster are very much similar with Agni Visarpa. Acharya Charak has directly described Raktamokshan and Virechan karma in chikitsa of visarpa especially when pitta dosha is aggregated. Here a single case study of a 65 years old male is being presented, who came with complaints of blackish discoloration at left side of the chest to back region, itching, burning sensation, pricking sensation. There was no active lesions, blackish discoloration was there at the site of the previous herpes zoster lesion. On palpation lymph node of axillary region was normal. As an emergency treatment jalaoukavacharan was done and along with that shaman medicine like chandrakala ras, paripathadi kashay, was given to the patient. Consecutively two sittings of jalaukavachan were done at an interval of 5 days. Assessment of the treatment was done by improvment in sign and symptoms. On first sitting two jaluakas were applied on the affected region and immediately improvement in pain and burning sensation was found. After second sitting there was complete relief in pain and burning sensation was found. Shaman medicine was continued till 15 days. The detailed description will be given in the full paper.

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