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Dr. Vaidya Meenakshi Rewadkar Kole* and Vaidya Neelam Dinesh Sali


The relative impact of infectious diseases is decreasing while chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, etc. are increasingly dominating the disease patterns. The industrialisation, stress during the work, dietary habits, lack of exercise and various varieties included in the regular diet like fast food, freezed fruits, increased amount of aerated drinks, beverages, canned foods, etc. result into the entity which we call as INSULIN Resistance Syndrome. It is a disease of modern era. The diseases mentioned in insulin resistance syndrome can be well simulated with kaphaj nanatmaj vyadhi described in our ayurvedic tests. Insulin resistance syndrome is basically a disease of disturbed metabolism. Kaphaj nanatmaj vyadhi is basically caused by rasa dhatvagni mandya. This apachit rasa in further metabolism i.e. dhaatu parinaman process, leads to formation of apachit mala kapha, apachit updhatu raja and apachit sthool rasa dhaatu. Diseases like dhamanipratichay, bahumutrata, galganda, included in Kaphaj nanatmaj vyadhi develop due to this chayapachayajanya vikruti in dhatuparinaman process. A prospective, open, randomised study was done with sample size of 30. Serum insulin levels of randomly selected patients were done. Patients having serum insulin level between 25-50 μIU/ml and having symptoms like gaurava, alasya, nidradhikya and daurbalya - were taken into study entitled as “a clinical evaluation to study the effect of Bhadranimbakulathadi basti on serum insulin levels in Insulin Resistance Syndrome with special reference to Kaphaj Nanatmaj Vyadhi.” Two cycles of kaal Basti of Bhadranimbakulathadi Basti was given with the interval of 8 days between two cycles. After two cycles of Bhadranimbakulathadi Basti the serum insulin levels were decreased and patient‟s symptoms of gaurava, alasya, nidradhikya and daurbalya were also reduced considerably. During the study, it was seen that fasting Serum Insulin levels was reduced by 7.395±5.656, the p value was < 0.0001 which indicates statistically extremely significant. Value of t was 7.162.

Keywords: Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Kaphaj Nanatmaj Vyadhi, Bhadranimbakulathadi Basti, Kaal Basti.

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