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*Bandita Kumari Dalasingh, Gyanranjan Mahalik and Sagarika Parida


Medicinal herbs and their derivative phytoconstituentsare being increasingly recognized as useful complementary treatments for cancer.Data was obtained from survey and it was found that some medicinal herbs like Catharanthusroseus, Withaniasomnifera, Bacopamonnieri, Ocimum sanctum, Curcuma longa, Zingiberofficinale, Alliumsativum, Brassicaoleracea var. botrytis, Brassicaoleraceae var. capitata, Daucuscarota are found in Odishawhich were usedfor the treatment of cancer.C.roseusis an evergreen herbaceous plant contain alkaloids such as vinblastine, vincristine, vinorelbine, vinflunine inhibit spread of breast, ovary and lung cancer and also induce apoptosis.W.somnifera contain active components like withaferin,withanolide, withanoside and withanone. Particularly withaferinfound in this plant, inhibit breast cancer. Compounds such as bacopaside E and bacopaside VII extracted from B.monnieri have effects on cancer cells in malignantglioma and breast cancer. The main active compound of C.longa is curcumin which inhibit regrowth of cancer stem cells and shows best effects on breast and stomach cancer. O. sanctum has a range of beneficial compounds such as eugenol, rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid and apigenin inhibits the development of new tumors and inducers cell death. Z.officinalecontains a pungent compound such as 6-shogaol,zingerone and paradols provide chemopreventive activity which prevents and slows the progression of tumor growth. Arginine, oligosaccharides,flavonoids and selenium areextracted from A.sativum reduce risk of stomach, colon and breast cancer.B.oleraceae var.botrytis contains fiber, vitamin B and C, carotenoids, glucosinolates, isothiocyanates promote the death of cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. B.oleraceae var. capitatacontain antioxidants like vitamin A and C and phytonutrientssuch as thiocyanate, lutein, zeaxanthin, isothiocyanates, sulforaphane protect against breast, colon and prostate cancer. D.carota is a rich source of photochemicals and antioxidants like carotenoids, flavonoids,falcarinol prevents the cells from cancer. The above cheap medicinal herbs and their secondary metabolites are used effectively for the treatment of various types of cancer.

Keywords: Arginine, Cancer, Medicinal, Phytoconstituents, Withaferin.

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