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Ajay Kumar Pandey*, Sanjay Kumar Tripathi, Priyaranjan Tiwari and Ankita Pandey


Pratishyaya (rhinitis) is an important disease described in Ayurvedic texts. Acharya Chakrapanidatta says about the importance of Pratishyayas on commentary of Charaka Chikitsa chapter no. 26 as “Bhuyishtam Vyadhayah Sarve Pratishyaya Nimittajah. Tasmat Rogah Pratishyayah Poorvamevopadishyate.” all the diseases are caused by Pratishyaya (rhinitis), so here we will first learn about Pratishyaya (rhinitis). Acharya Sushruta says as “Badhiryam Andhyam Aghranam Ghoranshcha Nayanamayan. Kasagnisadshophanshcha Vriddha Kurvanti Peenasah” Badhirya (deafness), Andhya (blindness), Aghranam (unable to take sense of smell), some furious disorders of eyes, Kasa (cough), Agnisada (loss of appetite) and Shopha (oedema of other body parts or ascitis) are complications of Pratishyaya. It is also described in Ayurvedic texts as Nidanarthakar Roga in Madhava Nidana Panchanidana and Charaka Nidana- “Diwaswapadidoshaishcha Pratishyayashcha Jayate. Pratishyayadathokasah Kasat Sanjayate Kshayah. Kshayo Rogasya Hetutwe Shoshapyupajayate.” sleeping in day time aggravates doshas and causes Pratishyaya (rhinitis), Pratishyaya (rhinitis) causes Kasa (cough), Kasa (cough) causes Kshaya roga and Kshaya causes Shosha roga. Aims and objectives: To assess the efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs in the manage ment of Dushta Pratishyaya (eosinophilia). Methodology: In this study, a patient fulfilling the diagnostic and inclusion criteria of Dushta Pratishyaya was selected and Ayurvedic medications (Panchakola churna, Mukta Shukti bhashma, Abhraka bhashma, Tankan bhashma, Haridrakhand and Vidangarishta) was given for three months. The efficacy of the drug was analyzed in terms of the relief produced in the signs and symptoms before and after treatment.

Keywords: Pratishyaya, Dushta Pratishyaya, eosinophilia, Panchkola choorna, Abhraka Bhashma, Tankana Bhashma, Haridrakhanda and Vidangarishta.

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