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Ganta Manasa*, Dr. T. Satyanarayana, Allaboina Narendra Kumar, Danthelapally
Ashok, Ejjigani Uma Maheswari, Khambhampati Navya Sri and Ramya Sriyalabaka


This research was aimed to formulate and characterize micro emolsion systems as an ocular delivery system of Moxifloxacin for preventing corneal infections. In the present work, Micro emulsion (ME) of Moxifloxacin using xanthan gum along with Carbopol934,gellan gum and sodium alginate as gelling agents were formulated to deliver Moxifloxacin via occular route. Since the discovery of micro emulsions by Jack H. Shulman, there have been huge progresses made in applying micro emulsion systems in research and industrial processes. Micro emulsions are clear, stable, isotropic mixtures of oil, water and surfactant, frequently in combination with a cosurfactant. Micro emulsions are optically isotropic and thermodynamically stable liquid solutions of oil, water and amphiphile. To date micro emulsions have been shown to be able to protect labile drug, control drug release, increase drug solubility, increase bioavailability and reduce patient variability. Micro emulsions are readily distinguished from normal emulsions by their transparency, low viscosity and more fundamentally their thermodynamic stability. Micro emulsion(ME) formulations were prepared by mixing of appropriate amount of surfactants including span 60& ethyl oleate, polymer such as Tween, gumming agent such as gellan gum, thickening agent such as xanthan gum also act as stabilizer and chelating agent such a sodium alginate. The prepared MEs were evaluated regarding their Ph, particle size, stability, sterility, ocular irritation studies, and Drug release. The results showed that the Moxifloxacin concentrations delivered by this system remained at therapeutic levels in the cornea. Ocular irritation test revealed good compatibility of the system. Prepared system was effective against most of the gram positive and gram negative microorganisms and any damage to eye tissue was not seen. The prepared system is potential as ocular drug delivery system as it provided the highest efficiency with chance of forming the desirable viscous pseudo-plastic system after dilution with resident tears. Therefore, it is suggested that this moxifloxacin micro emulsion electrolyte-triggered gelling system might represent an alternative for preventing corneal infections.

Keywords: Micro Emulsion, Ocular Delivery System, Rabbit Cornea, Moxifloxacin.

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