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*Igile G. O., Okoi U. L., Iwara I. A., Ekpe O. O., Mgbeje B. I. A. and Ebong P. E.


Aqueous extract of Ficus vogelii is used locally to treat anemia in children, especially those suffering from Marasmus or kwashiorkor or a combination of both. In this study, leaf extracts of the plant was evaluated on phenylhydrazine-induced anemic rats. Proximate composition showed carbohydrate (43.44±2.84mg/100g), crude fibre (19.11±2.14mg/100g), protein (17.67±1.22mg/100g), fat (3.75±0.07mg/100g), ash (9.27±0.72mg/100g), moisture (6.54±0.05mg/100g), and Energy value (279±11.45Kcal/100g). Vitamins included vitamin C (22.17±1.77 mg/100g), vitamin B1 (2.14±0.08 mg/100g), Vitamin E (1.52±0.25mg/100g), Vitamin B6 (0.89±0.15 mg/100g), Vitamin A (319.05±12.44 IU), and Vitamin K (0.14± 0.02 mg/100g). Mineral elements included calcium (424.24±0.21 mg/100g), magnesium (327.11± 0.52mg/100g), phosphorous (319.77±0.55mg/100g), potassium (38.23±2.11mg/100g), iron (16.09±0.2 mg/100g), sodium (8.50±0.07mg/100g), zinc (11.14 ± 0.02mg/100g), manganese (3.79±0.13 mg/100g), and selenium (0.22±0.04μg/100g). Experimentally, Fifty-six (56) albino Wistar rats of both sexes weighing 150-l80g were shared into five groups of 8 animals each. Groups 1 and 2 served as normal control (NC) and anemic control (AC), and received placebo treatment. Groups 3 and 4 were made anemic by intraperitoneal injection of phenylhydrazine (20mg/kg bw in 20ml distill water), and received 200mg/kg bw and 400mg/kg bw of aqueous crude extract (CE). Group 5 received 200mg/kg bw of multivitamin (MVT). A significant (P<0.05) increase in WBC was observed in groups 3 (6.97±1.71) and 4 (7.47±1.72), when compared to AC (3.13±1.63). In groups 3 and 4, RBC count (4.34±1.54-5.25±0.16), Hemoglobin count (11.87+05 -13.23+0.54) and Mean corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH) (25.17 0.33- 27.37 0.76) increased, when compared to AC, 4.27+l.54 (RBC), 5.90+2.95 (hemoglobin), and13.03 6.51(MCH). Lymphocyte (5.40 0.67-6.85 1.35) and Neutrophils (1.57 0.75-3.57 2.78) increased in both groups when compared to AC (2.17 1.10) and (0.03 0.03). It was concluded that nutrient constituents of leaves of FV contributed significantly in reversing anemia, and supports the ethno-medical claims on the use of the plant as anti-anemic remedy.

Keywords: Ficus vogelii, proximate composition, Vitamins, Mineral elements, Children, Anemia, phenylhydrazine.

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