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*Dr. Sandhya Yadav


The term srotas is derived from the main Sanskrit root “susravane” i.e. structures to exudate, to ooze, to filter. According to Chakrapanidutta these are the channels through which circulation of poshaka rasa i.e. rasa, rakta etc. takes place in poshya dhatu. Nutrient substances which nourish the sthayi dhatu undergo paka by ushma of dhatu to form srotas. Above discussion is made on cellular level and all the cells combined to form tissue then to organ level. This organ system level is called as srotas. Among 13 srotas, pranavaha, annavaha, udakavaha these are depends on outer environment for their source i.e. these srotas are not in our control. Annavaha srotas is important srotas than others because anna is basic need of our body to be alive. Excessive intake of food or improper intake of food leads to formation of ama dosh or ama rasa which is main cause of vitiation of annavaha srotas. According to modern concept whole GIT is divided into two parts i.e. upper and lower GIT considering upper GIT as annavaha srotas and lower GIT as purishvaha srotas. Mandagni is said to be moola of all disease. Mandagni leads to ajirna and ajirna cause vitiation of annavaha srotas. And because of annavaha srotodushti, purishvaha srotas also get vitiated because all the lower GIT disease is mostly related to annavaha srotas. The moolasthana of annavaha srotas is amashaya and vama parshwa. Food after ingestion first of all comes and stores in amashaya for its digestive metabolism and all the disease of upper GIT also occurs in amashya hence amashaya is considered as moolasthana from storage as well as clinical point of view. Annavahi dhamani are considered as mooasthana from conduction point of view. in this way moolasthana of annavaha srotas are justified from storage, conduction and clinical stand points.

Keywords: Srotas, annavaha srotas, moolasthana, GIT, mandagni.

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