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S. D. Lydia Victoria, V. Manjithkumar*, P. Martin and S. Darwin Paul Edison


The water temperature ranged from 25 to 31 at thuthukulikulam and 26 to 31 at seydunganallurkulam, moolikulam and nochikulam. The surface pH ranged from 7.1 to 8.1 at thuthukulikulam, 7.3 to 8.1 at seydunganallurkulam, 7.6 to 8.1 at moolikulam and 7.6 to 8.2 at nochikulam. Electrical conductivity of the surface water varied from 0.11 mS/cm to 1.23 mS/cm at thuthukulikulam, 0.19 mS/cm to 1.38 mS/cm at seydunganallurkulam, 0.20 mS/cm t0 1.35 mS/cm at moolikulam and 0.30 mS/cm to 2.05 mS/cm at nochikulam. The surface water turbidity ranged from 1.1 NTU to 3.1 NTU at Thuthukulikulam, 1.1 NTU to 3.1 NTU at Seydunganallurkulam, 1.2 NTU to 3.2 NTU at Moolikulam and 1.2 NTU to 3.2 NTU at Nochikulam. The total dissolved solid ranged from 80.4 mg/l to 234.8 mg/l at Thuthukulikulam, 112.3 mg/l to246.5 mg/l at Seydunganallurkulam, 120.5 mg/l to315.4 mg/l at Moolikulam and 120 mg/l to 360.5 mg/l at Nochikulam. The surface water alkalinity ranged from 17.2 mg/l to 76.5 mg/l at Thuthukulikulam, 28.5 mg/l to 138.2 mg/l at Seydunganallurkulam, 38.5 mg/l to 130.8 mg/l at Moolikulam and 24.5 mg/l to 168.1 mg/l at Nochikulam. The total hardness ranged from 42.1 mg/l to 144.82 mg/l at Thuthukulikulam, 55.3 mg/l to 146.2 mg/l at Seydunganallurkulam, 110.5 mg/l to 185.3 mg/l at Moolikulam and 52.5 mg/l to 296.5 mg/l at Nochikulam. The surface water calcium ranged from 11.21 mg/l to 38.8 mg/l at Thuthukulikulam, 12.3 mg/l to 36.5 mg/l at Seydunganallurkulam, 22.4 mg/l to 58.6 mg/l at Moolikulam and 16.5 mg/l to 118.5 mg/l at Nochikulam. Sodium ranged from 5.5 mg/l to 17.5 mg/l at Thuthukulikulam, 5.4 mg/l to 11.2 mg/l at Seydunganallurkulam, 12.5 mg/l to 38.5 mg/l at Moolikulam and 12.5 mg/l to 48.5 mg/l at Nochikulam. Magnesium value ranged from 2.30 mg/l to 16.5 mg/l at Thuthukulikulam, 2.28 mg/l to 12.2 mg/l at Seydunganallurkulam, 4.8 mg/l to 22.4 mg/l at Moolikulam and 4.4 mg/l to 24.5 mg/l at Nochikulam.

Keywords: Turbidity, Electrical conductivity, Hardnaess and Alkalinity.

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