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*Dr. Priyanka Teva and Dr. Kalpna Sharma


Women surpassing through different stages and phases prospers the household and society. The most changing phases are puberty, pregnancy and menopause. During puberty five important changes is mainly due to many important hormones and maturation of Hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian (HPO) axis. Ayurveda says like Shukra Dhatu in males, Artava in females imparts Bala, Varna Pushti hence it is considered as a Dhatu, Dhatu Rupa Artava which is responsible for Yoni, Garbhashaya, Stana Vriddhi can be considered as ovarian hormones. Pregnancy is the most challenging phase in women's life. It brings about biochemical, physiological and structural changes for to provide suitable environment for growing fetus to prepare mother forthe process of parturition. In Ayurveda changes in female body explained in the Lakshana of Sadhyograhita & Vyakta Garbha and Masanumasik Garbhini Lakshana. Menopause is the last stage of the reproductive life, in this stage due to deficiency of oestrogen genital organ become shrink and show features of atrophy, in musculoskeletal system osteoclastic activity are increased. Ayurveda says After age of 50, the integrity of Dhatus are lost leading to slow deterioration of Raja & Stanya. The treatment modality are different in every Phase according to different Dosha. During puberty Dhatu Poshnatmak Dravya can be used & Proper follow Rajasvalacharya, During pregnancy follow Garbhini Paricharya taken Mradu, Madhura, Sheeta Dravya and in menopause treatment and Ahara should be Vata-shamaka.

Keywords: Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, Shukra, Artava, Garbhashaya, Stana, Sadhyograhita Vyakta Garbha, Rajswala Charya, Garbhini Paricharya.

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