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Dr. Prerana Karare*, Dr. Swati Kamble, Dr. Nirmala Apturkar and Dr. Rupali Bedre


In Ayurveda the term agni is used in a technical sense. Concept of agni is too vast, very much expansive and miraculous in nature. Aacharya sushruta has define swastha purusha as,when the tridosha are in the state of equilibrium, digestive fire (agni) is in a balanced state and the dhaatu(tissue) and mala (waste products) are work in a normal state. The senses (indriye) mind, atma (soul) also in a pleasant state. Such type of person is called as Swastha purusha or a healthy person. This swastha purusha definition gives lots of importance to agni. All the digestive processes come under the action of agni. When this agni impaired (hypofunctioning) digestion and metabolism of aahara remains incomplete leading to formation of ama and are injurious for health and this ama disturbed the homeostasis of the body. In ayurveda it is stated that impaired agni is route cause of etiology of all types of diseases. Factors responsible for hypofunctioning of agni are faulty life style, faulty eating habits that include poor diet, inadequate and irregular diet, over eating, lack of exercise, insufficient and irregular sleep. These faulty life style increases risk of diseases and disorders in the future. Due to this faulty life style agni (jathragni) is impaired (mandagni), dhatwagni also impaired (medogni) and there is disorder in formation of medo dhatu. Medo dhatu accumulates continuously and form Obesity. So to manage life style disorders ayurveda provide various ayurvedic regimens. Dinacharya, rutucharya, ashtaaahara vidhi vesheshayatana and niyama for maintenance of agni and it should be maintained at any cost for living disease free and normal healthy life.

Keywords: Agni, Mandagni, Diet, Life style, Obesity.

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