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Dr. Pradeep Saroj*, Dr. Upasana Mishra, Dr. Usha Singh, Dr. K. L. Meena and Dr. Jaikishan Meena


Ayurveda is a holistic science based on basic principles. According to Ayurveda balanced diet and its digestion are most important part of life. Food, sleep and celibacy are three sub pillars of body described in ayurveda classical texts. Among these 3 sub pillars food is most important. Whatever we take through the mouth is known as aahar (food), this aahar converted into annarasa by the action of Jatharangi and then it is processed by different type of bhutagni and dhatvagni (seven tissue agni). According to ayurveda when agni is in balanced state, it maintains the healthy condition of the body and the Balanced agni (samagni) is responsible for strength, health, longevity and vitality. According to our acharyas agni works on the food and it produces Dosha, Dhatu and Mala. If there are any dearangement in the function of “Agni” in the body, it will affect the transformations take place in the body or if any alteration in these agni then immature and improper formation of annarasa occurs. This undigested, uncooked and unripe annarasa is called as ama, which are the intermediate stages of a complete process, because here agni does not transform aahar completely into end products. This ama obstruct the channels that is called srotorodha. The srotorodha is commonest factor in the body for the manifestation of any disease. Ama obstruct the channel and causing various gastrointestinal disorder like hrillasa, chardi,amlapitta, atisarra, visuchika, alsaka etc. Ama is considered as root cause of all diseases in the body. It has tremendous capacity to vitiate the all Doshas and disturbing the homeostasis (Samyavastha).

Keywords: Agni, Ama, Physiology of digestion, Formation of ama.

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