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*Vd. Sarvesh Sharma, *Vd. Priyanka G. Kengale, Vd. Narayan Sabu and Vd. Milind Rampurkar


Marma are vital area of our body part as they have prana i.e. any trauma from external or internal (vitiated dosha) source can lead to sudden death or long lasting disability. Acharya charaka being kaya chikitskak mainly focused on tri-marma (Shira, Hrudaya, Basti) to explain nija-dosha janita tri-marma vyadhis and their chikitsa. As these marmas are skandhashrita hence they are more painful than those of shakhashrita as shakha is dependent on skandha. and also these marma control & coordinate each other and maintain equilibrium of our body. Hence acharya charaka says in sidhhisthana 9/10. Tesham sada yatnam kurvit paripalane ׀ It means a person should take efforts to protect and maintain health of their tri-marma. But now days due to sedentary, speedy life style, unhealthy food, improper eating habits, avoiding natural calls has raised serious health issue related to these tri -marma. Most of them end up with habitual life-long medication and disability or death. In Sutrasthana-16, Acharya charaka says in reference to production of sama dhatu. Tyagat visham hetunam samanam chopasevanam ׀ Vishama nanubandhanti jayante dhatavah samah ׀׀ …….Cha.Su.16/35 Here, Acharya charaka has used same sidhhanta in tri-marma sidhhi to avoid diseases related to these tri-marma. Abadhavarjanam nityam swasthavrittanuvartanam ׀ …….Cha.Si. 9/11 Chakrapani tika- Abadhavarjana – Marmopaghatak hetuvarjanam ׀ Nityam swasthavrittanuvartanam – Hridayadi poshak tathaiv paalak ׀ In my study, I have selected shiro-marma paripalana by avoiding shiro- marma upaghatkar bhava and nourishing shiro-marma with some methods of svasthavrutta mentioned in samhita.

Keywords: Marma, Shiro-marma, Abadhavarjan, Swasthavritta.

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