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*Dr. Nishant Bhatnagar, Dr. Satya Manav and Dr. Mannat Marwaha


Individual possessing Sama Doshas, Dhatus, Malas, is termed as healthy and their vitiation is the cause for diseases. "Karana" is Vega Dharana and symptoms produce there after represents “Karya". Diseases caused due to Adharniyavega have been categorized as Prajnaparadha because in pathogenesis of such diseases primary fault begins with psyche (Prajna) and later on somatic involvement occurs. Unintentionally one has to suppress their natural urges due to changing life style, non availability of public toilets, habit forming, some unavoidable reasons because of workplace (like stress, increased work load, target completion, night duties etc.). This gives rise to many diseases due to Vega Dharan. Keeping all these points, Concept of Adharniya Vega is studied and elaborated according to Ayurvedic literature and an effort is made to understand the physiology and pathology of Purisha Vegavrodha through Ayurveda. Objective: A study entitled “To Study the Effect of Vataanulomniya Yavagu in management of Adharniya Vega w.s.r. to Purishvegavrodhajanya Roga” was taken and patients were registered according to inclusion exclusion criteria and provided with Vataanulomniya Yavagu as Ahara(diet) twice a day for 7 days. 30 patients completed the study and result was evaluated on the symptoms. Study Design: A open clinical trial pre and post, prospective in style, where a hypothsis is made on effect of Vataanulomnia Yavagu in management of Adharniya vega w.s.r. to Purishvegavrodhajanya roga. Methodology: Randomly patients were selected and administered with Vataanulomniya Yavagu 200gm twice daily, for 7 days with a follow-up in 15 days. Assessment of the treatment was based on before treatment (BT) and after treatment (AT) effects of Vataanulomniya Yavagu on the parameters namely; subjective, i.e. Pakwashayashoola, Varchoapravartanam, Vataapravartanam, Shirah Shoola, Pindikoudveshtanand Adhyamana. Vataanulomniya Yavagu. Result was found highly significant statistically on symptoms of Purisha Vega Dharana.

Keywords: Adharniya Vega, Purishavega, Vataanulomniya Yavagu.

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