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Tirankar P. M.


On many years, oil is prepared on the basis of Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies. All Acharyas have used oil in various diseases. Hair fall is found in many people as symptoms. Hair fall is also seen in healthy individuals. The problem of hair fall is becoming normal. To cure this problem, Ayurvedic therapy is a line of treatment which gives perfect result. If nasya is done with tail which is medicated by drug having vatapittahara and keshya property will help in hair loss definitely, Yastimadhuk tail having all its property & it contains Yastimadhuk, Aamalki, Godugdh, Til Tail. Sharangdhara has accepted the efficacious effect of nasal medication and advised its routine practice for healthy person. He has been mentioned Yastimadhuk tail in samhita. The Yashtimadhu is included in Jeevaneeya, Sandhaneeya, Varnya, Kanthya, Kandugna, Snehopaga, Vananopaga, Mutravirajaniya, Shonitasthapana, Ashopanopaga, Chhardinigrahana, Balya, Medhya as per Charaka. In Sushruta samhita, Yashtimadhu is includes following gana, Nyagrodhadi, Haridradi, kakolyadi, Anjanadi, a rivadi, Bruhalyadi, Utapaladi, all of them are known for their varna sadhana & varnaropan activities. Action on Doshas -Vata -vataghna because of guru, snigdha & madhur gunas Pitta- pittaghna-becouse of madhur rasa & sheetgunas, Kapha-slight kaphawardhak -becouse of kledan guna, madhur, guru, & sheet virya. Action on Dhatu -Being rasayan, it gives strength to all Dhatus specially Rasadhatu, mansdhatu, shukradhatu. Quality of Rasadhatu increases by the use of Yashtimadhu it has soothing effect on rasgatpitta & therefore it alleviates burning sensation. It has rakta prasadhan effect it has got soothing effect on Rasa. Being similarly with mamsadhatu, it has bruhan. Action on mala-Promotes healthy hair, mutragami. Glycyrrhizin, a glycoside obtained from G. glabra anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory. Licorice increases salt retention and depletes the potassium in the body, causing lack of energy, weakness and even death. People with hypertension or heart problems should avoid licorice.

Keywords: Yastimadhuk Tail, Khalitya, Nasya, Keshya, Rasayan, Bruhan.

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