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Panchaxari Dandagi*, Vignesha Naik, Anand Gadad, Vinayak Mastiholimath, Shridhar Shedbal, Shubham Rangoli and Taufik Kazi


Background: In the current study Linezolid niosomes were formulated and incorporated into the gel base for topical drug delivery as the conventional dosage forms of Linezolid undergo first-pass metabolism. Thereby when given topically it shall provide local action and improve the patient compliance. Materials and methods: Niosomes were formulated using surfactant (span 40 and 60, tween 60 and 80) and cholesterol with different ratios (1:1, 1.5:1, 1:2) by thin film hydration method and evaluated for vesicle size, entrapment efficiency, zeta potential, drug release study. Physical parameters of niosomes were found to be within the acceptable limits. Results and discussion: The niosomes were found to be spherical in shape. FV4 and FV5 formulations showed better result for % EE of 78.8% and 87.5% respectively. The particle size of FV4 was found to be 170 nm and FV5 showed the particle size of 125 nm, the percentage drug release of FV4 formulation was found to be 76.25% and FV5 showed the release of 80.5%. FV4 and FV5 were selected as optimized formulation and incorporated into the gels with different ratios of gelling agents and evaluated for pH, viscosity, spreadability, drug release, antibacterial test, skin irritation test and stability studies. Formulation FG5 showed better results in terms of pH (6.35), viscosity (11872cps), spreadability (9.61 g.cm/sec) and percentage drug release of 73.74% in 8 h. Formulation FG5 was selected as the optimized formulation. Conclusion: The above results indicated that the niosomal gels of Linezolid could be the better formulation in the future.

Keywords: Linezolid, Niosomes, Cholesterol, Topical Drug Delivery.

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