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*Akshay Suden


This paper presents the findings of a clinical trial conducted in the suburbs of Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir State) to assess the efficacy of Kulatha+Shwet Parpati therapy– combination of a herb and a mineral compound, on a random sample of ten mutrashmari patients. The bench mark level of the study was reported by Suden.[6] In all there were 12 calculi sites, of which 7 (58.3%) were in Kidney and 5 (41.7%) were in Ureter. Thus, Mutrashmari roga was primarily located in kidney and ureter organs of the sample patients. There were in all 12 ashmari sites, out of which 8 (66.7%) were uni-lateral and single, 1 site (16.7%) was multiple (double) but unilateral while the remaining 2 (16.6%) were bi-lateral and single in each kidney. Calculi were classified into two size ranges namely < 4 mm & 4 – 8 mm. Further, if a patient was having calculi at more than one site, he was included in the study for his largest calculi size only. On overall basis, most of the calculi cases i.e. 90% were in the size range of 4 – 8 mm and the remaining 10% cases were in the range of < 4 mm. The therapy completely cured 5 (41.6%) of the cases. It markedly improved 3 (25.0%) cases and improved 3 (25.0%) of the cases. Only 1 (8.4%) cases did not show significant response to therapy. The overall rating of the therapy was 2.0. In all, there were 7 Kidney stones. Three stones (42.8%) were completely cured, 2 (28.6%) were markedly improved. The remaining two (28.6%) were improved towards curing. Overall rating of the therapy was 2.1. There were 5 Ureter stones. Two (40.0%) were cured. One (20.0%) each was markedly improved and improved respectively. The remaining 1 (20.0%) did not respond significantly to the therapy. Overall rating of the Therapy towards Ureter Stones was 1.8. All the three types of Ashmari viz. Kaphaja, Pittaja and Vataja were present in the study. Kaphaja was represented in 5 (50%) of the patients, followed by 3 (30%) in Pittaja and 2 (20%) in Vataja Ashmari. There were 6 stones with Kaphaja Ashmari, out of which 3 (50.0%) were completely cured and the remaining 3 (50%) stones were improved. The therapy depicted good overall rating of 2.0. There were 3 stones of Pittaja Ashmari type and they were markedly improved, however, assessment of therapy was affected for want of adequate number of calculi though, the overall rating was 2.0. There were 3 stones with Vataja Ashmari, out of which 2 (66.7%) were completely cured, while the remaining one did not respond significantly to the therapy. The therapy depicted an overall rating of 2.0. On Ayurvedic parametres, the effect of Therapy was highly significant on Sevani Vedana (54.5%), Gomeda Prakasam (54.5%) and Nabhi Vedana (4.5%).The effect was significant on Sarudhiramutrata (75.0%) and on Mehan Vedana (55.6%). The effect, however remained non-significan on Basti Vedana (53.8%), Mutradhara Sanga (50.0%) and on Atiavila Mutrata (50.0). On Modren system parametres, the Therapy did not reveal its effect on Nausea & Vomiting. The effect was, however, highly significant on all the other Modren System parameters viz Haematuria (54.4%), on Tenderness in Renal angle (54.5%), Dysuria (47.4%) and on Pain (47.1%). The Post-therapy results in comparison to Pre-therapy results showed a decreasing trend in certain parametres while an increasing trend in others. All the parameters, however, remained within their normal limits both in the Pre & Post-therapy observations. K+SP therapy obtained an Overall Success Rate of 66.7% in mitigating the problems of Mutrashmari and removal/disintegration of calculi.

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