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Patil Sweta* and E. E. Mojes


Conservation of health and to cure the disease is the main principle of Ayurveda. In the rapidly changing, stressful lifestyle, uncertain climate and unhealthy habits of health-conscious generations results in poor immunity and invitations for diseases. According to the concept of Ojas or Vyadhikshamatva or Bala (immunity), the body's resistance is of tremendous importance in the daily welfare of living beings not only for disease prevention but also for rapid recovery after disease affliction. Ayurveda propounds that prevention is vyadhikshamatva an equally important aspect of disease management as cure and thus, strengthening the immune system, is a natural way to help the body fight against the disease-causing pathogens. In either state Vyadhikshmatva (immunity) plays a vital role. Hence concept of Vyadhikshmatva is of great importance for holistic approach towards individuals. In Charak samhita reference of Vyadhikshamatva is found in Vividhashitapitiya adhyay; but no specific explanations are available. Vyadhikshamatva being basic and fundamental principle in ayurveda it is described in detail by Chakrapani and Gangadhar in their respective commentaries. Vyadhikshamatva is well defined for the first time, by Chakrapani in very scientific manner in terms of "vyadhibala virodhitavam" and "vyadhyutpad pratibandhakatvam". In Ayurveda Dhatusarata, balanced state of doshas, health of strotasas and Agni must be maintained with proper diet and regimen to maintain Vyadhikshmatva but inspite of that some people gets affected by causative factors of diseases and suffer from various diseases. We must know the factor responsible for maintain Vyadhikshmatva (good Immunity) and those who are the factor which lower Vyadhikshmatva (lack Immunity). Insted of any specific disease or infectious agent for which in western medicine there is provision of immunization. Present article throws a light on concept of Vyadhikshamatva, its aspects, importance role in today's era and comparison with modern concept of immunity.

Keywords: Vyadhikshamatva, Ojas, Ayurveda, Bala, Immunity.

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