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Himadri Mudgal* and Yagyik Mishrah


Kshara is a powder obtained from water soluble ash. Kshara is the substance which sustains the properties of Ksharana and Kshanan in it. Acharya Dalhana has simplified these terms as - Ksharana means the one which mobilises and removes the deformed skin, flesh etc. or which clarifies the vitiated Dosha. Kshara is said to have multiple Rasa because it is prepared from various drugs. It is dominated by Katu Rasa followed by Lavana as Anurasa. Kshara is considered superior to the Anushatra and Shastra. Kshara proves its therapeutic utility in many clinical conditions. We get numerous instances where Kshara has been indicated either internally or externally. The route of administration depends upon the nature of the clinical entity for eg. In case of Gulma we get the reference to use Kshara internally while in cases of Arsha, it been told to be applied topically. It involves a special method of preparation. Standardization of herbal drugs is essential to certify their quality and purity. Kshara (alkaline substances) of Vasa (Adhatoda vasica) is an important constitute in many ayurvedic formulations, but its standard manufacturing process is not attempted till date. Vasa Pratisaraneeya Teekshna Kshara was prepared by using textual reference and quality control assessment had been done according to API. Vasa have medicinal value, such as Raktastambhaka (Haemostasis), Vednasthapaka (Analgesic), Shothahara (Anti-inflammatory), Jantughna (Antimicrobial) etc. This study is aimed to establish standard manufacturing process for Vasa Pratisaraneeya Teekshna Kshara.

Keywords: Kshara, Vasa, Standardization, Vasa Pratisaraneeya Teekshna Kshara.

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