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Swathi N.*, Anup B. Thakar and Nilesh N. Bhatt


Introduction: Panchakarma therapy is an integral part of Ayurveda. It plays a vital role in preservation, maintenance and conservation of health and promotion of longevity. The term „movement disorder‟ is often used synonymously with the Extrapyramidal disorders. Materials and Methods: Idiopathic Parkinson‟s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by bradykinesia, rest tremor and rigidity. In Ayurveda classics, the diseases mentioned in a similar fashion are Vepathu and Kampavata. Acc. to Acharya Vagbhata, Chala is the Guna of Vata. Gati and Cheshta are the functions of Vyana Vayu. Urja and Bala are the contributions of Udana Vayu. In one set of Samprapti, due to Santarpanottha Nidana, Kapha Prakopa takes place which in turn causes Avarana, leading to Kaphavrita Vyana or Udana. In case of Apatarpanottha Nidana, it leads to Swatantra Vataprakopa and Dhatukshaya. Discussion and Conclusion: The treatment protocol should be designed based on the presence or absence of Aavarana. In case of Santarpanottha Vikara, initially Aavaranahara line of management should be followed in the form of Panchakarma therapeutic modules like Agnichikitsa Lepa, Dhanyamla or Kashaya dhara or Udwartana. Trividha prakara Apatarpana i.e. Langhana, Langhanapachana and Doshavasechana should be carried out according to Mridu, Madhyama and Pravara Bala of Dosha and Aatura, which acts as Aamahara and Agnivardhaka also. Lastly to replenish the Dhatu, Brimhana line of management should be followed in the form of either Yapana Basti, Shashtikashali Pinda Sweda or Pizichil. In case of Apatarpanottha Vikara and Nirupastambhita Vata, directly Snehana and Brimhana line of therapies are recommended. To improve cognitive functions, Shodhana Nasya followed by Brimhana Nasya and Shirobasti are beneficial.

Keywords: Panchakarma, Kaphavrita Vyana, Aavaranahara, Apatarpana, Brimhana.

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