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Dr. Dwivedi Pragati* and Dr. Harish B. Singh


“Ayurveda” is an everlasting science as it deals with all the aspects of life, particularly of human beings since time immemorial. However, due to excessive industrialization, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, over-usage of technology and their unwanted hazards generate nidana for vitiation of doshas. These doshas lead to disease formation if respective Dushyasthan etc., are available. Vata is the main Dosha which controls Pitta and Kapha as motion is one of the qualities of Vata Dosha[3] and therefore the Acharyas gave importance to Vata Dosha. Vitiated Vata dosha causes multiple Vyadhi in the body called as VataVayadhi. SandhigataVata[4] is one of them, in which these Vata Dosha affect the Sandhisthan in our body and it is described in Ayurvedic text as various types according to their respective Sthanasanshray. One of Santhigata Vata is Katisandhigata vata, which is seen amongst the larger population as with a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight or obese, lack of exercise, excessive physical activity, poor posture- slouching, driving in a hunched position, poor standing posture, sleeping on sagging matters. As a result of sedentary lifestyle, shift from rural lifestyles to urbanization, approximately 60-85% of adults get affected by lower back pain. In modern science, some of the most used medications only reduce pain but do not repair this condition. These current medications resulting in pain-reliever are controversial because of their dangerous side effects. To avoid such situation, we would like to draw attention to identify a perfect and economical remedy, with almost no side effect solution for the management of lumbar spondylosis. Aadityapak Guggul is a polyherbal drug. Aadityapak Guggul contains Triphala, Pippali, Twak, Ela, Guggul with bhavana of Dashmoola kwath. The major features of these guggul kalpa are „Rasayana quality of Guggul‟, to gain the resistance power against the said disease by maintaining equilibrium of Tridoshas in the body as per „Rasayana Principle‟. The most remarkable quality of Guggul is its role as „Shreshtha‟ (predominant) dravya among Meda- Vatahara dravyas.[9] It also acts as Tridoshahara. Considering these properties of the Guggul Kalpa lead to expected Sampraptibhanga (breaking of pathophysiology) in Katisandhigata Vata (lumbar spondylosis).

Keywords: Ayurveda, Katisandhigata vata, Aadityapak Guggulu, Lumbar Spondylosis.

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