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Vd. Harshalata Wath*, Vd. G. G. Asati and Vd. G. H. Kodwani


Introduction: Ayurveda is based on sound of principle of diagnosis, It is not requires clinical or costly investigations which are beyond reach of common and less privileged person. Ashtavidha Pariksha in Ayurveda is one of the important examination to find the various causes behind the disease. In Asthavidha Pariksha, Purisha Mala Parikshan is one the most important examination part for diagnosis the disease of patients. Purisha Mala Parikshan (Stool examination) is an important laboratory investigative tool in medicine, which is used to understand the health and disease condition of a person. The Purisha indicate that this is the metabolic product where there will be changes when person suffers from disease, observing these changes, the diagnosis can be made, or these can help as tools in diagnosing a disease, Hence a study is aimed to provide the first hand information about the changes in stool and will act as a guide to diagnose the disease. Purisha Mala Parikshan as such gives information about so many physiological and pathological status of body such as symptoms of abnormal Doshas, prognosis of disease, presence of parasites. Jala Nimajjana Purisha Pariksha is also further tool through which the status of Agni and the presence of Aama can be detected. Aim: To study the application of Purisha Mala Parikshan in current clinical practice. Methodology: This is conceptual study for which various classical Ayurvedic textbooks, modern science books, online published articles and research papers are used. Result: Purisha Mala Parikshan in Ayurveda has a key role in current clinical practice for diagnostic as well as prognostic purpose. Discussion: Purisha Parikshana gives information about Pachak pitta dushti. It is directly related to pachan (digestion) and sarakitta vibhajan (assimilation). It guide us exactly which function of the body is hampered. It also play an important role in understanding avastha (condition) of disease i.e. sama niram avastha, which is most important in planning treatment of disease, because in Ayurveda treatment differs according to avastha (stage) of disease. So, Purisha Mala Parikshan has its own important in diagnosis of disease as well as treatment in clinical practice.

Keywords: Ashtavidha Pariksha, Agni, Aama, Jala Nimjjana, Mala Purisha Pariksha.

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