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Sumit Sunil Marathe*


Ayurvedic formulations are mainly based on on Panchavidha Kashaya Kalpana. There are five types of Panchavidha kashaya kalpana. Swarasa (juices), Kalka (Paste), Kwatha (Decoction), Hima (Cold infusion) and Phanta (Hot infusion). Kashaya is used internally for drinking or for Basti (medicated enemas) or For Dhavan (external wash). Patoladi Kwath is a polyherbal Ayurvedic preparation useful in various diseases. It is significantly used in the treatment of Vishavikar (Poison) as most of the herbs of this kashaya are having vishaghna (Antipoisonous) properties. It balances Kapha & Pitta doshas. It is mainly used for Kushtha (Skin diseases) roga of Kapha-pitta Origin. It is used in Arochaka (Anorexia), Vaman (Vomiting), Kamla (Jaundice) also. As Patol, Katurohini, Chandan, Guduchi, Patha are the key ingredients of Vishamjwaranashak Kashaya. It can be used in jwara (fever), Vishama Jwara as well as in Punaravartak jwara also. As it contains Kutaki which have an property of Pitta rechan & Bhedan it is mainly indicated in jwara of kapha pitta origin. It contain Guduchi, which is natural immunity booster and having antipyretic action mainly. According to modern science it showed Antipyretic, Hepatoprotective, Antitumour, Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Hepatoprotective, wound healing and Immunomodelatory action. Patoladi Gana Kashaya is available in market in the name of Patol-Katurohinyadi Kashaya. The present study is aimed to critically review the formulation Patoladi Gana Kashaya ingredients and Practical application of Kashaya with probable mode of action in different clinical conditions.

Keywords: Patoladi Gana kashay, Vishavikar, Jwara, Kushtha, Kapha-Pitta Dosha.

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