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*Dr. Nirmala P. Sawarkar, Dr. Sandesh S. Khobragade and Dr. Prerana Arunrao Karare and Dr. Shrutika Nikhade


Warts, also known as verrucae, are common benign epidermal proliferations of the skin and the adjacent mucous membrane, result from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection.[1] HPV’s are very widespread in humans are disseminated by direct contact and genital HPV are usually transmitted sexually. Genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted disease and are frequently reffered to as venereal warts. These are small pointed papules that are usually 2-10 mm in diameter, seen both in men and women on anogenital area. According to Ayurveda, this ailment can be compared with Charmakeela. The very first reference about charmakeela is found in sushruta samhita. Acharya sushruta has described in detail about charmakeela. The pathogenesis of this disease due to vitiation of Vyana vata along with Kapha over the skin causes the development of hard nail structures called Charmakeela.[2] The diagnosis is based on clinical examination and usually straight forward by visual inspection.Warts are harmless. Some warts will heal themselves with time. But even if then, people are always trying to remove the warts because it poses a cosmetic problem. Most times, warts can be removed, but they arise again. However, there are many safe ways in Ayurveda to have permanent solution. In Ayurveda, various treatment principles explained like administration of drugs internally, external application of drugs and parasurgical procedures(E.g.Ksharakarma).The aim of treatment in Warts is to destruct the overgrown papillae by use of local drug over diseased area. In Ayurvedic classics for destruction of any such lesion kshara are prescribed. kshara are the substances which act as caustic or corrosive agent for any growth when used externally. According to Ayurvedic texts ksharakarma is said to be superior to any other surgical or parasurgical measures.[3,4] This treatment is very much effective and minimal invasive. Considering these facts, Apamarga Kshara with Snuhi ksheer have been selected as a trial drug as a local application on the case of Anal warts.

Keywords: Wart, Charmakeela, Apamarga kshara, Snuhi ksheer.

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