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Md Tanzil Ansari*, Sukumar Ghosh and Shyam Sundar Jana


Sandhigata vata is an age related degenerative joint disorder. It is mainly caused by aggravation of vata dosha. When there is involvement of Janu sandhi (knee joint), it is known as Janusandhigata vata. It is manifested by Shula (pain in the joint), Shotha (swelling of the joint), Vatapurnadriti sparsha (on palpation, appears as if joint is a leather bag inflated with air), Prasarana akunchanayoh pravrittishcha savedana (pain while making efforts for extension and flexion of the joint) and Atopa (crepitus). Janusandhigata vata can be correlated with Osteoarthritis of knee joint due to similarity in clinical features. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It occurs more in old age and women are more affected than men. It affects almost all the joints but more often affects the weight bearing joints like knees, hips and feet. It is manifested by pain, swelling, stiffness and restricted movement of joint. General lines of treatment for Sandhigata vata are Nidana parivarjana, Snehana (bahya and abhyantara), Swedana, Basti karma and Shamana chikitsa. The present case study deals with a 65 year old male patient having complaints of pain in both knee joints for 1 year, swelling over both knee joints for 10 months, stiffness and restricted movement of both knee joints for 9 months. This case was diagnosed as Janusandhigata vata (Osteoarthritis of knee joint). For its management, Matra basti, Janu basti and Shamana chikitsa were administered. After 15 days of treatment, there were significant reduction in signs and symptoms.

Keywords: Sandhigata vata, Osteoarthritis, Janu sandhi, Matra basti, Janu basti, Shamana chikitsa.

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