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Sonia Meend*, Priyanka Devatwal and Sunil Kumar


Human skin is the largest organ of the human body as well the outermost covering of the body. In ayurveda terminology, skin is termed as Twacha. Twacha is the updhatu of mamsa dhatu and is adhishthana (seat) of sparshnendriya. In general impression, nowadays occurrence of skin diseases have increased. 50-60% of the patients seeking medical advice are suffering from skin disease. From Ayurveda perspective, Agni (digestive power) of an individual is considered to be the most important in keeping an individual healthy and in turn beautiful. Agni is the responsible factor for providing Ayu (longevity), Bala (strength), Varna (complexion), Utsaaha (zeal), Upachaya (proper assimilation), Prabha (glow). Acharyas have mentioned that a person is healthy if his/her Agni (digestive power) is Sama (proper). Since skin is the mirror of the metabolism taking place inside our body so no matter how much external cosmetics one apply but if his/her Agni is not proper ,it will lead to the formation of Saamaja dhatus and in turn the effects will be projected on skin as acnes and various skin disorders. Agni dushti will also lead to dhatu pradoshaja vikaras out of which ras pradoshaja, rakta pradoshaja, and mamsa pradoshaja vikaras are mainly manifested on skin. If Jathragni of an individual is working properly, then proper Ahaara rasa will be formed. If Dhatvagni is proper, then proper formation of next dhatu from the previous dhatu will be there and dhatu parampara will go uninterrupted. Therefore formation of Niramaja dhatus will take place and as a result proper dhatu saaras like twak saara, rakta saara will be formed which will lead to a healthy and a beautiful body. So, Agni is the ultimate key factor for keeping the skin healthy throughout ages.

Keywords: Agni, varna, twak vikaras, beauty, healthy skin.

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