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Dr. Vishal Sharma* and M. D. Kriya Sharir


Ayurveda is not merely a medical science but a philosophy of life which includes the knowledge of total health system as well as curative medicine for mankind and society of the world. Ayurveda is the most ancient and divine life science developed on Indian subcontinent on wisdom of Indian philosophy. Prevention of sorrow and illness of mankind was the prime object of ancient scholars behind it. Ayurveda has always aimed at improving health. The moolbhoot siddhanta of Ayurveda are Dosa, Dhatu, Mala, Panchmahabhoot and Agni. Dosa, Dhatu and Mala are the root of the body. Amongst them Agni plays vital role. Dhatu present in the body has the main function of Sharir Dhahran and Poshana as suggested by the nirukti of the word Dhatu. Dhatu supports and sustains the body. The food undergoes digestion by the action of Jatharagni and nourishes these Dosa, Dhatu, Mala. After the action of Jatharagni, Ahaara Dravya differentiates into Sara and Kitta bhaga. Further this Sara bhaga is acted upon by Bhutagni and is transformed into homologous; which are then incorporated into the body by Dhatwagnis through synthesis of the Dhatus for their nourishment or replenishment. Since the Dhatus are seven in number so the Dhatwagnis are seven in number and they are located in their respective Dhatu. The seven Dhatwagnis are responsible for bringing about the transformation of appropriate nutrient to corresponding poshak Dhatu by its Prasad bhaga and the Kitta bhaga producing waste product. The increase and decrease of the Dhatus occur due to the debility and intensity respectively of the moiety of Dhatwagni (Fire like agency) present within the Dhatu.

Keywords: Dhatwagni, Dosa, Mala, Hypothyroidism, Agni, Paka, Meda Dhatu, Bhutagni, Jatharagni.

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