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Sushir P. D.*, Chawre S. V. and Kabra P. R.


The prevalence of metabolic diseases increasing day by day due to change in lifestyle and faulty dietary habits. Due to this, people have to face so many problems like metabolic and hormonal imbalance such as Hypothyroidism. Women are affected approximately six times more frequently than men. In Ayurveda, Galganda is one of the Vyadhi of Galagat Roga. Dosh-Dushya Samurchhna in Galganda is to be similar as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism cannot be directly correlated with any disease explained in Ayurveda; such type of disease considered as Anukta Vyadhi. Although Hypothyroidism is treated as Anukta Vyadhi in Ayurveda but Galganda is having similar Dosh-Dushya Samurchhana. So that, the principle of Chikitsa may be decided as per treatment of Galganda in Ayurvedic perspectives. Pathogenesis of Hypothyroidism may be due to hypo-functioning of Jatharagni and Dhatwagni which alter the physiology. Dosh Dusti in hypothyroidism is Kapha associated with Pitta and vitiation of Vayu due to Margavaran was observed. Involvement of Rasavaha, Annavaha, and Medovaha Strotodusti are predominantly found. By considering these principles, the present article deals with a newly diagnosed case of hypothyroidism treated with Virechana Chikitsa in which encouraging result was found and presented in full paper. Here, a humble afford was made to treat a 38 years old female patient having complaints of Kshudhamandya, Aruchi, Hrullas, Sharirbharvruddhi, Angagauravata, Ubhaya Pada Shotha, Ubhaya Janusandhi Shula was managed with Pachan and Snehapanottar Virechana Chikitsa. Significant results were observed on objective parameter like thyroid function test, lipid profile, kidney function test. Assessment shows maximum improvement in subjective parameters like lethargy, weight gain, hair fall, fascial puffiness, fatigue and breathlessness in this case of Hypothyroidism. Pachana and Virechana Chikitsa was effective in this case of Hypothyroidism. Such type of management will be carried out on large scale for goodness of research community and mankind.

Keywords: Hypothyroidism, Pachana, Amrutadi-Tailpana, Virechana Karma, Ayurveda.

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