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Vishal Sharma*


The word Ayurveda derived from AYU and VEDA. AYU means Life VEDA means Science of Knowledge. In Ayurveda, the disease Vyanabala Vaisamya seems to be a result of the Vaisamya/ Vikriti of Vyana vata. Vata is responsible for the regulation of other Doshas (Pitta and Kapha). In the pathological state also it has double path of vitiation viz. Dhatu kshaya and the Avarana. Vyana is a type of Vata which moves all over the body. Its Nirukti indicates that it affects the whole body. Bala here is indicative of the normal guna (properties) and Karma (functions) of Vyana. Vaisamya refers to Vikriti or disequilibrium of Dosha in which they are able to produce the disease. Therefore Vyanabala Vaisamya may either be considered as increased and decreased function of Vyana. Here in the present study hyper function of Vyana Vata is considered under Vyanabala Vaisamya which produces increased force in the wall of the channel (blood vessels) to produce the disease Hypertension. In Hypertension, mainly Vata Prakopa occurs, particularly Vyana Vata as it is responsible for Rasa Rakta Samvahana. By virtue of its Ruska, Sheeta, and Khara Guna, Rasa Rakta Vahini Dhamanis are constricted; also its Ruska guna dries the Malarupa Kapha at the inner side of the Vessels making them more rigid. Vascular lumen may be reduced further leading to obstruction in it. So for normal circulatory function, increased force of Vyana Vayu is required resulting into Vyanabala Vaisamya and hence leading to the development of Hypertension.

Keywords: Vyanabala Vaisamya, Hypertension, Vyana Vata, Dhatu Kshaya, Dhamani, Srotas, Rasa, Rakta.

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