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Dr. Rekha Kuwar and Dr. Pallavi Chindhe*


Ayurveda the ancient Indian system of living is derived from Vedas. The aim of Ayurveda is not only healing of the the sick but also prevention of its occurrence and promoting health aspects-preservation of life. Ayurveda has its own principles and theories. It is widely recognized breastfeeding the best nutrition for human infants. Breast milk is the optimal food for almost all infants in the first year of life. The breastmilk provides numerous health benefits to both mother and baby. Breastfeeding should begin soon after birth. Breastfeeding is the best way to care for new child. Besides the overwhelming bonding it creates, breast milk is also the perfect food for them. Likewise in Ayurvedic texts, formation of stanya (breast milk), causes of stanya pravriti (or milk ejection), dhatri (wetnurse), dhatri-pariksha (examination of wet-nurse), stanapan-vidhi (breast feeding), stanyasampat (merits of breasts), stanyanasha hetu (causes of cessation of milk formation), stanyaviridhi dravyas (drugs increasing quantity of milk), stanya apanayakala (weaning period), abnormalities of breast-milk and its treatment etc. are discussed in detail. Acharyas of Ayurveda explained 13 different Srotas I. e. channels which circulates nutrition all over body and maintain Dosh samya avastha. According to Ayurveda our body systems depends on one another, start from annavaha srotas, it’s good and bad outcome influences seen upto shukravaha srotas. Breastmilk i. e. stanya is updhatu of Ras dhatu. It get affected by any abnormalities in ras dhatu and rasvaha srotas dushti. Manas bhav also causes stanyakshay and other stanyadushti. Similarly abnormalities in many srotas affects stanya formation and expulsion. It causes lack of growth of new born and hence it is important to study the relationship between other srotusdushti and stanyadushti. Hence we can advise patient to avoid those hetus and improve quality of stanya, which helps in better nutrition and growth of child.

Keywords: Stanya, Stanyadushti, srotas, strotodushti.

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