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Vd. Vishnukant R. Jadhav*, Dr. Chandrashekhar D. Vaikos


In Ayurveda the concept of Srotas are like roots of the tree. The human body is a conglomeration of the Srotas as per our classics. ―Srotas‖ can be described as channels or passages where nutrition flows, interact and transfers. One of them being ―Medovaha Srotas‖ which stands for channels carrying the fat tissue in body starting from its formation to demise of its constituents. According to Charaka –the roots of Medovaha srotas are located in: Vrukka – Kidneys and Vapavahanam – Peritoneum or omentum (layers covering and protecting the abdominal organs). Susruta has narrated ―Katee‖, and ―Vrukkau‖ as the Mula or root of origin for ―Medovaha Srotas‖ and one of the Dusti Lakshanas said by him is ―Pramehanam Purvarupani‖. Premonitory symptoms of Prameha (urinary symptoms, diabetes) are manifested when there is vitiation of Medovaha srotas. In modern science ―Pramehanam Purvarupani‖ can be correlated with pre-diabetes. Prediabetes describes the condition of someone who is on their way to developing diabetes. One of the main organs that can be damaged is the kidney. The omentum likely plays a role in metabolism as well. Etiopathogensis of prediabetes shows involvement of kidney and omentum which throws light on concept of existence of Mulas for Medovaha Srotas in human body, where origin or manifestation of its deviated states are seen. This study aims at evaluating ―Mula of Medovaha Srotas in term of "Pramehanam Purvarupani‖.

Keywords: Medovaha Srotas, Pramehanam Purvarupani, Prediabetes, Vrukka, Vapavahanam.

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