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Dr. Muhammad Baqir MR Fakhrildin
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*Dr. Shilpa Dhote, Dr. Aparna Bhoite


Inflammation is defined as the local response of living mammalian tissues to injury due to any agent. It is a body defence reaction in order to eliminate or limit the spirit of injurious agent as well as to remove the consequent necrossed cells & tissues. Inflammatory Ophthalmic disorders are very commonly seen in our day to day practises which cause much discomfort and annoyance to the patients. Raktamokshana ie. Bloodletting is one of the important procedure of Shodhana Karma which is very useful in the treatment of some of the eye disease especially in Rakta-Pitta disorders. Jaloukavacharan(Leech Application) is the best & effective method of Raktamokshsana because Leech is easily available & procedure is very simple. It is fast acting & has got no major side effects. It has got one more plus point that it introduces numerous compounds (that have vasodilator, anticoagulant properties) at the time of blood sucking. Moreover Leech can be easily applied to the children as well as in very old patients also. Anjananamika (Stye) & Abhishyanda (Conjunctivitis) are very commonly seen Ophthalmic Disorders in our day to day practise. Jaloukavacharan (Raktamokshana) is indicated in these Sdiseases as it is mainly cause due to rakta-pitta vitiation. Acharya Sushrutha & Vagbhata has mentioned that Jalouka(Leech) sucks impure blood from affected site after application & reduces symptoms like burning sensation, pain, swelling, redness etc. In Modern Science, Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anti-inflammatory, Steroids are given in the treatment of above inflammatory disorders. but all these drugs are very costly & having side effects too. Moreover very good results by Jaloukavacharan are observed in various inflammatory disorders in general surgery. In this study, patients were selected on the basis of clinical examination & investigations etc. All the subjects were equally divided into 2 groups for comparing the results.

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