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*Kamini Kaushal and Dr. Lad Meenal


Shvasahara mahakashaya denotes, group of ten medicines which act differently on Shavasa roga.Shvasa roga can be relate with the term Asthma of modern medicine. Shvashara Mahakashaya is the 37th of the 50 mahakashaya described in fourth chapter of Sutra sthan of Charak Samhita and includes following ten ingredients. All 50 mahakashayas may further divide into the 10 sub classes on the basis of specific characteristics. Ten ingredients of shvasahara mahakashaya do not work together, perform differently to stimulate the immune system, treat the symptoms of asthma, and purify the lymph and bloodstream. All these 10 drugs help to reduce spasm and ease breath. Shwashara mahakashaya having Katu Tikta Rasa,Ushna Virya,Katu Vipaka and Kapha- Vataghna properties and Shwashara mahakashaya with Ushna Virya and Katu Vipaka seem to quite naturally antagonize the Shwasa Roga, which is Kapha-Vata Pradhana disease. Shawashara Mahakashaya has got bronchial anti spasmodic effect and the most probable mode of action is that these drugs donot act as true expectorants in as much as they do not increase the secretion of mucous or make it less viscid, they help expulsion of mucously relaxing the bronchial muscles and are the great value in this disease. All the drugs are anti spasmodic and having volatile oils which, stimulates the output of respiratory tract fluid by a direct action up on the cells of the bronchial tree & reduce the spasm. It relaxes the bronchial muscles. Which paralyses the vagal endings in the muscles & also paralyses vagal ganglia. It stimulates the sempathetic endings and thus relaxes bronchial muscles. All the 10 drugs are having the quality to treat the shavas roga. Shvashara mahakashya helps re-establish normal physiological function in the affected tissues and organs. Physician can select the best drug among these with the help of YUKTI PRAMANA.

Keywords: Shvasahara mahakashaya, Asthma, Katu Rasa, Tikta Rasa, Ushna Virya, Katu Vipaka Kapha Vata nashak, Bronchial, Anti spasmodic, Expectorant.

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