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Dr. Lahange Sandeep Madhukar*, Dr. Bhangare Archana Nivrutti Dr. Vikash Bhatnagar, Dr. Sumit Nathani and Shailja Bhatnagar


According to Ayurveda entire body is made up of Srotas (micro and macro channels) which transports all types of materials in the body. For normal functioning of the body it is essential that these channels, both micro and macro remains intact. Detail description of Srotas is present in Samhita. Srotas are related with each-other, when one Srotas is vitiated other Srotas also get affected. Srota is the system that carries or circulates the Doshas and Dhatu or their elements to the various organs. During this process of circulation the Dhatu are transformed from the first to the last (Rasa to Shukra). Each Dhatu has two aspects: nutrition for its own tissue layer, and sustenance for the next developing Dhatu. There are different numbers of srotas like Rasavaha, Raktavaha, Mamsavaha etc. which play important role in the health of an individual. Raktavaha Srotas is very important among the all Srotas. It circulates the Rakta Dhatu to each and every part of the body for the nourishment of every tissue. Rakta Dhatu gets vitiated due to imbalance of Pitta Dosha causing so many Pittaj and Raktaj disease conditions named as Rakta Pradoshaj Vyadhi. As Formation and transportation of Rakta Dhatu occur within the Raktavaha Srotas; vitiation of Rakta Dhatu also followed at Raktavaha Srotas in the form of Sthansanshraya. Yakrit and Pleeha are the Moola Sthan of Raktavaha Srotas which play important role in the formation and obliteration of Rakta Dhatu. Vitiated Rakta Dhatu take Sthansanshraya at Raktavaha Srotas also vitiate its Moolasthan result in to Rakta Pradoshaj Vyadhi. So there is a requirement to elaborate the knowledge of the Rakatavaha Srotas and its Moolsthan with scientific way in context to Rakta Pradoshaj Vyadhi for the better management.

Keywords: Sharir, Srotas, Dhatu, Bhava Padarth, System, micro and macro channels.

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