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Dr. Pravesh Kumar*, Dr. Kapil Sharma and Dr. Vikas Chandra Gupta


The millions of people in the world are affected by the disease Sandhigat – Vata vis-à-vis osteoarthritis. The disease was considered as a simple degenerative disease from a long time, but recent studies have revealed that, this is not simple degenerative disease, it is an end result of various pathology. Now its etiopathogenesis is said to be intricate which bridges biomechanics and biochemistry. Most of the cases of Sandhigat – Vata are of primary type (Dhatukshay, as said by Ayurveda) and rest cases of secondary type (due to other disease pathology). According to Ayurveda, etiopathogenesis of Sandhigat Vata starts with vitiated Vata and Dhatukshay due to malpractice of Ahar and Vihar of Vat Vardhak Gunas. Dhatukshay results in development of the disease pathology whereas vitiated Vata is capable in producing severity of the disease symptoms. The symptoms are also due to pathology of disease (dhatukshay). Basically Vata and Kapha Doshas have opposite properties each other, hence if Vata vitiates, there is decrease functioning of Kapha and vice versa. In the disease Sandhigat –Vata there is focal cartilage changes of a affected joint by the vitiated Vata and decreased functioning of Kapha. The focal cartilage changes are due to imbalanced these two doshas because the Sandhies are specific site of Sleshak Kapha and Sandhies and Asthies are specific sites of Vata especially Vyan Vayu. The therapies of the present study were undertaken on focusing over the pathology and Doshas involved in the development of Sandhigat – Vata. Vrihat Panchmoolbalaksheer Vasti has capable in pacify Vata Doshas due to Vrihat Panchmool Dravyas, checks Dhatukshay due to Bala and Ksheer and improves Sleshak – Kapha functions due to Ksheer in it. Present study has been divided into two groups based on the type of therapy to which patients were subjected; Group 1; Treated with Vrihatpanchmoolbalaksheer Vasti therapies. Group 2; Treated with luke hot plain water Vasti therapy only.

Keywords: The millions Vrihat Panchmoolbalaksheer Vasti (dhatukshay).

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