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Dr. Sonali Bisht*, Dr. Sunil Kumar and Dr. Deepti


“Dosha Dhatu Mala Mulam Hi shariram” which means that Vataadi Tridosha, Rasadi Sapta Dhatu & Trimala (Mutra, Purish, Sweda) are the building blocks of human body. For a healthy body each individual should have Sama Pramana of Dosha Dhatu & Mala & for which their continuous and proper flow is necessary in human body. Their proper and continuous flow requires hollow spaces & channels. In Ayurveda classics these channels are called as Srotas. According to Ayurveda, entire body is made up of Srotas (micro & macro channels) which transports all types of materials from one part to another part of the body. It can be said that the only thing which is responsible for Sama Pramana of Dosha, Dhatu & Mala in the body is Srotas. In broad spectrum, we can say that any pathology occurs only if there is disequilibrium of any of these three: Dosha, Dhatu & Mala which in turn depends on the healthy state of Srotas. It is very necessary to know the state of Srotas along with Doshas and Dhatus to make an Ayurvedic diagnosis. By knowing which Srotas are affected and the nature and extent of their disturbances one can understand about the diseased person. As Srotas are the channels in the body and their health is an indicator of the status of the content too. Dushti of the Srotas plays an important role in the pathogenesis of diseases. So the management at the level of pathogenesis factor can revert back the diseased condition and hence treating the Srotas Dushti can help in the same way. In this article I had tried to compiled all the references specifically related to the Asthivaha Srotas Dushti & justification of its line of treatment.

Keywords: Asthivaha Srotas, Ayurveda, Dosha, Dhatu, Mala.

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