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*Dr. Bhavin S. Dubal, Dr. Vaidehi Raole, Dr. Kashyap Limbani, Dr. Dhawal P. Makwana and Dr. Jatin V. Rola


According to Ayurveda each and every objects in this universe are composed of five proto elements called Panchmahabhutai.e. Akasha, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithvi Mahabhuta. Thus the human living body and the food are also made up of Panchmahabhuta. Ayurveda describesfood which is taken undergoes different process of physical and chemical transformation as different Pakaat different level by different types of Agniin the living body. Agni has been divided into 13 types, i.e. one Jatharagni, five Bhutagni and seven Dhatwagni. Jathragni is the most important among these which coverts Ahara (Ingested Food) from complex to simpler formsand divides it into Prasada (contains nutrients) and Kitta i.e. Malaand Mutra (waste materials) by Jatharagnipaka. Soon after Jatharagnipaka is completed the five types of Bhutagni- Parthivagni, Apyagni, Taijasagni, Vayavagniand Akashagnistart Bhutagnivyapara or Bhutagnipaka which results in releasing of its qualities or attributes similar to each Mahabhutacalled Mahabhutamsha. After Bhutagnipaka each Mahabhutamshahaving Parthivadi qualities, replenishes five Gyanendriyas (special senses) and tissues with the help of Dhatwagnis. Seven Dhatvagnis act on the end products of Bhutagnipakawhich are having similar qualities to Mahabhutamsha of each Dhatuand nourishes all seven respective Dhatus. This is called Dhatwagnipakaand at the end of this processall seven Dhatusget nourished and Updhatusare producedby Prasada (contains nutrients) and Kitta (waste materials) are released.

Keywords: Agni, Panchbhautikatva, Mahabhuta, Bhutagni, Bhutagnipaka, Gyanendriya.

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