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*Dr. Teena Agrawal


Algae are the heterogeneous group of the organism that ranges from the sizes form the unicells to the giant sea weeds, they have different evolutionary lineages. The algae are usually photosynthetic and they are generally Aquatic in origin, in addition the algae lacks the any differentiation in to the stem, roots and the leaves, the body is in the form the thallus. Algae occurs in the several body type, they ranges from the unicells to the higher thallus of the giganteous kelps, the type of the reproduction of the algae ranges from the asexual to the sexual mode of the reproduction, the asexual reproduction occurs by the zoospores, Apalnospores, auto spores and the akinetes, the sexual mode of the reproduction occurs by the means of the isogamous and the anisogasmous mode, and in the higher genera it is by the oogamous type of the reproduction. The algal diversity is very much, they have been classified by the various means, some of them are the green algae, yellow green algae, brown algae, euglenoids, cryptomonasds, haptophytes, red algae. Commercially algae are of the various uses, they are used in the vary of the purposes, some of them uses as the edible, as the other as the means of industrial purposes. Phylogenetically the group is of the many uses. They have been investigated for the many purposes such as the genetically as well as the photosynthetically, respiratory point of view. In this review article we are presenting some of the aspects of the yellow green algae termed as the xanthophyacae. The member of the xanthohyacae is termed as the golden algae. The members of the xanthophyacae usually occur in the fresh water as well as the soil. They are of the thalliods as well as the simple zoospores, the reproduction occurs in the form of the isogamous, anisogamous and the oogamous types of the reproduction. The major photosynthetic form of the pigments is the chlA, chl C, and the fuxoxanthin. The storage products are the starch or the chrysolamarin starch. The group has been studied in many forms and in many lines.

Keywords: Xanthophyacae, starch, chrysolamarian, isogamous, anisogamous oogamous, thallus, evolution.

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