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Dr. Jaya Kala Saklani* and Dr. Singhai Swapnil


Nidra is a reversible state of unconsciousness occurring naturally and distinguishable from unconsciousness due to organic cause by the fact that the person is easily arousable. Hence Nidra is opposite to wakefulness physiologically occurring for a certain length of time which generally extends for 6-8 hours in normal adults. A condition where the sufferer complains of loss of Nidra (sleep) during its natural time i.e. Ratri (night) is called Anidra. It is a pathological condition. Nidra is one of the Upastambhas of life without which no human being can aspire to remain healthy. Anidra has been classified under Vata Nanatmaj Vyadhi. Vata plays a key role in producing Anidra. Vata being Satva Rajo Guna Pradhana and Laghu, is quite opposite to the factors inducing sleep e.g. Kapha which is Guru, Manda and Tamoguna Pradhana. The Chikitsa sutra of Anidra carries three main measures, Shamana of the vitiated Vata, enhancing the Kapha and putting Manah to peace. Vata Nashana procedures include Snehana in the form of Abhyanga, Tarpan, Dhara etc. Kapha is enhanced by using Vrinhana, Balya, Rasayana Ahara and Vihara e.g. Mamsarasa, Mahish Dugdha etc. Manasik Santap can be relieved by using measures for mental relaxation e.g. Shauch, Santosh, Ishwar Pranidhana. Eleven months of intensive trial and study yielded encouraging results. Chakra taila used for Shirodhara promotes the action Snehan, Tarpon, Nadibalya Vrishya Medhya and Rasayana thus Vata pittaghna in nature and improves the functioning of Uttamanga and Pranayatan. The therapeutic approach applied in the clinical trial establishes a homeostasis between the vitiated Vata (Prana Vayu) and depleted Kapha (Tarpak Shleshma) at the site of Nadisthana Murdha. This phenomenon lies beneath its Nidra Janana Prabhava. There were no adverse effects as reported by the patients and drug was tolerated quite well. None of the patients reported addiction or dependence and there was no craving after the drug was stopped.

Keywords: Anidra, Chakra taila, Insomnia, Shirodhara.

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