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Dr. Priyanka D. Khiradkar*, Dr. M. O. Harode and Dr. Gopal B. Sharma


Anatomy is branch of science which is concerned with the body structure of human. Sushruta has mentioned details of human body structure in sharirsthan. It gives knowledge of structure of body. Kala is important structure mentioned by sushruta first. But clinically not much importance of Kala described in ancient text. Sushruta mentioned seven type of Kala named as Mansdhara kala, Raktadhara kala, Medodhara kala, Shleshmadhara kala, Purishdhara kala, Pittadhara kala, & Shukradhara kala are present in the body these are limiting membranes in between Dhatu(rasa, raktadi) & Ashaya or the layers which separates the muscle tissue from cavity of organ are called Kala. Medodhara Kala is third prime kala present chiefly in Udar- (abdomen) in Vapavahan(Greater omentum), Antrabandhini(Mesenteries), perimepric region(Renal fascia), in small bones as Sarakta meda(red bone marrow), in large bones as majja (yellow bone marrow). The untainted essence of mans is termed as ‘Vasa’ (Muscle fat). Sushruta described site for medodhara kala where large quantity of (meda) fat have deposited. So, fat deposition may be tendency of medodhara kala taking these into consideration functionally the adipose tissue & fatty layers of the abdomen should be correlates with Medodhara Kala. Adipose tissue forms thick layer under the skin, around the kidneys & in the buttocks. Food that is excess to requirement is converted into fat & stored within adipose tissue in the body. These are normal function of adipose tissue or meda this function disturb in obesity (sthoulya vyadhi) by consuming more oily, sweet heavy diet & also sedentary lifestyle & no anxiety causes energy imbalance & disturbs the digestion & metabolism in adipose tissue & ultimately starts accumulating fat cells in adipose tissue. So, Physician should consider Medodhara kala to to treat the obesity.

Keywords: Kala, Medodhara kala, sthoulya or Medoroga, Adipose tissue.

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