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Bhoir Uday B.* and Kamble Pushpalata


In Ayurveda Rachana sharir is the subject concern with the study of size, shape, measurement & detail structure of different parts as well as sub-parts of our body. All the major texts (Samhitas) have a separate section of Sharira Sthana (Human anatomy). Anguli Pramana(measurement of different body parts of an individual by his/her own fingure) is one of the important concepts in Ayurveda which has anatomical as well as anthropological significance. Whereas the measurements of our body come under the concept – „Praman sharir‟. “Pramana-shareera” has been elaborated in different Ayurvedic samhitas by different way. Anguli pramana is one of the type of measurement used in Ayurveda for measuring the dimensions like Ayama (height), Vistara (Length from the tip of middle finger of right hand to the same of left hand in expanded position i.e. arm span), etc. of different parts and sub-parts of human body. According to hypothesis about „Sama Ayam- Vistara given in Charak-samhita Viman-sthana 8/118, in healthy person, Ayu (longevity of life), Bala(Physical & Mental - Strength) etc. are best at its maximum if difference in Ayam & Vistara is less . Whereas the difference in Ayam & Vistara increases or decreases, Ayu & Bala will be more or less respectively. In this research project scholar has elaborated the relation of Sama Ayam-Vistara with Kustha (Kitibh kustha) individuals under Raktadhatu vikruti as an unhealthy status of a person. The statistical analysis illustrates that the difference in Ayam & Vistara in Raktadhatu Vikruti individuals lies approximate 2 to 4 angula and also 4 angula & above it. The outcome of the research project shows the more association between Raktadhatu Vikruti individuals and difference in Ayam and Vistara. It means in Kustha(Kitibh Kustha) individuals under Raktadhatu vikruti, the difference in Ayam & Vistara has a considerable association which indicate the unhealthy status of an individuals. So the concept of „Sama Ayam-Vistara‟ helps us to give an idea about the Healthy or Unhealthy status of an individual at its best.

Keywords: Kustha (Kitibh kustha), Anthropometry, Raktadhatu Vikruti, Praman Sharir, Sama Ayam-Vistara relation.

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