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Gupta Asherfi Lal*


Ayurveda is one of the oldest science, that when mankind started to suffer from various diseases due to Pragnaparadha, Asatmyendriyartha Samyoga etc. Maharshis were compelled to think in the direction of the search for cure of such ailments. In this manner Ayurveda came in the existence. Ardhavabhedaka is well known disease to science of Ayurveda. Ardhavabhedaka is mentioned as one of Shiroroga but according to Acharya Vagbhatta it comes under Vataja Shirahshula which is limited to the half of the portion of head. Ardhavabhedaka has been explained as Tridoshaja by Acharya Sushruta, Vata-Kaphaja by Acharya Charaka and Vataja by Acharya Vagbhatta. But the different quality of pain such as Toda, Bheda, etc. describes the Vishama nature of Vata dosha mentioned by Acharyas. The great economist Adam Smith has told that the needs of human being are infinite but the availability is less to fulfill. Our life style has been drastically changed and our growing needs have no end. Speed and accuracy are the prime demands of modern era. To cope with this situation everybody have to face hectic, competitive and stressful life. People cannot pay attention to their physical and mental health by considering above dreadful complaints. In this article we have planned to study the complete review which was explained in the Brihatrayee and tried to conclude the Ardhavabheda disease. Aim And Objectives: To understand the Ayurvedic concepts and critical review of Shiroroga w.s.r. Ardhavabhedaka related to the symptoms and management according to Brihatrayee. Materials and Method: Complete Review of Brihatrayee on Shirah shoola and Ardhavabhedaka.

Keywords: Ardhavabhedaka, Brihatrayee, Nasya, Shiroroga, Shirah shola.

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