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Dr. Ramesh M. Bansode*, Dr. Meenu Kaushik and Dr. S. S. Sant


Ayurveda not merely science of medicine but also helps in maintaince of swasthya i.e. paripaalana of swasthya of swastha. Vyadhi is considered as of two type-sharirka and manasika vyadhi. Sharirk and manasika vyadhi are correlated to each other and affects each other. Vitiation of Rajas and Tamas are the cause of manasika vyadhi. And the pathogenesis of several diseases are also related to Manas. This can be manifested through dominant trait of Mana like over ambitious, Hippocratic etc. And may create a complexity in Kama, Krodha…etc like manasikabhavs; which in aggregation called as manobhitapakara bhavas this terminology is represented by Charaka Acharya in the context of Ama utpatti. In many of the metabolic disorders like Prehmaeha, Amavata the role of manasikabhavs has been elaborated in ayurveda. In Charaka Vimana Sthana, hetu like Kama, Krodha, lobha, moha, irishya, shoka various factors are given along with other causes for the formation of ama visha in body.[1] Agni is key factor of all biotransformation. Until the Agni is not impaired paka or transformation goes as normally without causing any hazardous. On the other hand if Agni is vitiated, it results in formation of Ama. Ama can be described as- unprocessed matter, uncompleted digested matter or partially metabolised substance which requires further parinama and if it retained as such may produce some impairment in channels (strotas) of body. Acc. To Ayurveda, Ama is the main cause of all disease. Manasbhav may alter the Agni which result in formation of Ama leading to several diseases.

Keywords: Sharirkvyadhi, manasikavyadhi, manasikabhavs, Agni, Ama.

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